Venice, Italy, 2003: Canal Grande: boat transports Lemberg paintings.

* 1951 born in Göttingen, Germany
1970 - 1976 Academy of Fine Arts in Kassel, Germany
1973 - 1974 Road-manager for "King Crimson", 1975 Ginger Baker.
1977 - 8 months stay in Essaouira, Morocco
1977 - marriage to Barbara Passmann in Germany
1978 - birth of son 'Aljoscha':
(still living in Treviso, Italy, is married with Seleena Azhuvanthanath from Kerala, India; got his Doctor in Informatics 2005 from University "Ca'Foscari", Venice, Italy)
1978 - 1983 Institute of Psychology, Assistant, Georg August University of Göttingen
1981 - birth of daughter 'Liliana':
(now living in Frankfurt/Main, Germany)
1984 - Artist's Fellowship of German State 'Lower Saxony'
First exhibition (One-man-show)
moved into the Manor-house in castle of Jühnde
1991 - First exhibition (One-man-show) in New York, NY.,USA,
'Clover Capital Corporation'
1994 - Exhibition in New York,NY: "Dougherty & Capitman" and Los Angeles, CA., USA (One-man-show): "Keith Hartog Gallery", sponsored by "General Consulate of Germany" in Los Angeles,CA., USA
1995 - moved with his family to Venezia (Venice, Italy),
Sestiere Castello and since 1998 Dorsoduro
1997 - opened his own Gallery ("Galleria Lemberg") in Venezia (Venice, Italy), Campo Santa Maria del Giglio (near "Gritti Palace Hotel") and in
2002 Campo Widman, "Galleria Lemberg", Venezia (Venice, Italy)
2003 - moved back with his family to Germany, and lived 1 month in
***Hotel "Best Western", 'Highway A 7', and 2 month in ****Hotel
"Zum Löwen" in Duderstadt, Germany
2005 - lived with his wife in Klein Schneen, Germany
2006 - Italy, in Massa Marittima, Tuscany for 6 month
2007 - back again in Germany, Göttingen. Lives and works in his studio in Göttingen, Germany and since 2008, for some time in his apartment in Livorno, Italy
2009 converted to the Roman Catholic Church
2011 -August 27th: 60th birthday of the artist ! Salute ! ***
December 30th: my beloved wife Barbara died at home in Göttingen, Germany.
Thanks to "Palliativ-Ambulanz", Klinikum Göttingen and Pater Theo Schneider (SJ). *
2012 - Roman-catholic confirmation in St. Pantaleon, Cologne, Germany; March - April: Venice, Italy;
2013 - November - December: Venezia, Venice, Italy


* copyright: 2013 / 2014 Andreas Lemberg