Gallery 7


the masterpieces of Andreas Lemberg
all paintings: oil on canvas
* all sold, please enjoy*
! copyright by Andreas Lemberg

  Manhattan, New York, NY., USA     
Skyline Frankfurt / Main. Collection State Street Bank, Frankfurt/Main.  Detail  "Scene from the novel: 'Hard Boiled Wonderland und das Ende der Welt.' from Haruki Murakami", Japan.   
< 'illy Caffetteria' Photo from Follonica, Toscana, Italia.  
"Deutsches Theater Göttingen", 160x160 cm; Collection 'Condition', Dr. Krüger. >   
  Hochzeitsbild am 10.10.2010 : Sternwarte Göttingen, 100x100 cm.   
"Gänseliesel, Göttingen" , Collection Dräger, Göttingen   "Postcard from Goettingen"  AQUA Institute Göttingen:   "Georg Christoph Lichtenberg", oil on canvas, 100x160 cm, 2009 
< Poster for 'BLICK'-Magazine. Charity for "Kinderkrebs-Station", Universitäts-Klinik, Göttingen.   "Gänseliesel", Göttingen, 100x100 cm. 
"Frankfurt/Main: Sudfass." Collection D. Engel, Frankfurt/Main   Zeppelin for Mexico  Travel-Agency "Amparo": Amparo Operadora de Viajes, Mexico-City. Mexico  Lok O1 
Collection Christiane Wiese, Germany :       
  "Wiesmann : Sepang und Pferd", oil on canvas, 80x120 cm, 2013 >