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  German Minister Thomas Oppermann visited 'Galleria Lemberg' in Venice, Italy 2003  'MAX'-Magazine  Mexico City, Mexico. 
Charity "Mc Caffée", 2006 with Petra Hebig, Göttingen  'Lemberg-Gallery', Göttingen, Germany.    New York, NY., USA, 1991 
< Monza, Italia: with Simon Robinson of Jaguar Racing, Formular Uno   
>Christmas in Venice 2002 
    Congress invitation card with Lemberg painting in Venice, Italy 
  Lemberg Murano Glass 
  Verona, Italia  Bella Venezia 1995 - 2003   
    Mundschenk Druck, Wittenberg, Deutschland: Signierstunde   
2003 Exhibition "Hotel Zum Löwen", Duderstadt, sponsored by Hans Georg Näder, Otto-Bock-Healthcare, Duderstadt, Germany > 
    Elton John and Pietro Scarpa with Lemberg's Murano artwork in Venice, Italy 1998.   "Galleria LEMBERG" Campo Santa Maria del Giglio, Venezia, Venice, Venedig, Venise: 1995 - 2003 
Galleria LEMBERG Venezia 
"Galleria LEMBERG" Campo Widmann a Venezia, Venedig, Venice, Venise: Italia, 2002 - 2003   
  Lemberg at 'Heinrich-Heine-Schule' in Göttingen, Germany     
Lemberg with his best friend Claus-Rüdiger Knaffel in Venice, Italy 2003  
      Lemberg in Venice, Italy, Photo by Ingo Bulla 
  Vorstand der Eichsfelder Energie Werke mit Lemberg Ölbild "Glühbirne", Duderstadt, Germany >   
  < "Angelyn" Los Angeles, LA, USA oil on canvas   
Dentista Dottore van´t Laar, with Lemberg oilpainting "LifeGo!", Lido di Venezia, Italia 
< Press conference in town-hall Göttingen with Lemberg oilpainting, Germany   My best friend in Venezia: Lucio Bisutto, singer and owner of Ristorante "Giorgione" in Via Garibald, Castello, Venezia, Italia > 
"DICHTERBILDER", Reclam Verlag, Stuttgart, 2003: Portrait Uwe Johnson von Andreas Lemberg      
  German television ARD interview, May 2010 
  "Hotel Danieli", Venezia, Italia   
<'Sansibar', Hannover, Germany  
Lemberg-oilpainting and Lemberg-designed Murano Glass  
<'Planea Restaurant' in Göttingen, with chiefs / captains and Lemberg painting.  
  < Studio in Germany, February 2011 .....  
*April 2011 
  < my cat in my studio on Versace    
Flo Peters Gallery, Hamburg, Germany. May 2011. 
  9th birthday of my cat 2011 ! She was born on July 4th, 2002 in Venice, Italy and found by "Dingo"-animal-help organisation. Now she lives in Goettingen, Germany and for some time in Livorno, Italy. >>>>>>>  
> 60th birthday of the artist ... August 2011. SALUTE ! Buon compleanno ! AUGURI ! Salute ! 
  * Life is short - true Love is forever ! * Barbara Lemberg 1946 - 2011 
"Madonna delle Lacrime, Siracusa", 2012 , oil on canvas, 90x70 cm. see also Gallery 6; donated to the Roman-catholic church St. Pantaleon, Cologne, Germany 
2012:  ... my daughter Liliana visits me: January 2012, Göttingen, Germany.  
  Lemberg Cover of Uwe Johnson. Oil on Newspaper "New York Times".  Original and exclusiv Calendar 1999 for Beck´s, Bremen   
    My wife Barbara and me in the "Rathaus Ausstellung Göttingen", 1995. Photo by Ingo Bulla.   
.... niente sará piú come prima ! 2012 
  St. Pantaleon with Monsignore Dr. Martinez, Cologne, Germany, June 2012 . 
  my Venetian cat on Missoni, October 2012 *****   
***2013  ... my Venetian-cat and me in my studio ... 
< Lemberg im Wiesmann GT. " ... eigentlich wollten wir in 4 Stunden in Venedig sein, aber dann ....!" 
  < my venetian cat relaxing ...... may 2013   
general view of all 4 paintings in the Lobby of Sartorius AG >     
Ristorante RIALTO telephone   Ristorante RIALTO *****  Lemberg is cooking in Ristorante RIALTO   
kitchen of a LEMBERG collector>   
ZIPPO by Andreas Lemberg. Original US edition of 50 pieces, 2005: "LIFE" (Photo by Manuela Walden 2013) >  < Sparkasse Göttingen with Lemberg painting. 2013 
Flowers in my studio: 27.8.2013 !   
  < my daughter Liliana and me : Frankfurt / Main, September 12th, 2013